Direct Flights to/from Jeju Island, Korea

Direct flights are available from 16 major cities in 4 countries.

Foreign passengers, from more than 180 countries are permitted to enter Jeju Island without a visa, if arriving through the direct flights. For more information on visa requirements, please click here.

Country City Flights Per Week Country City Flights Per Week
China Beijing 10 China Shanghai 14
Changchun 2 Shenyang 3
Chengdu 2 Yantai 1
Dalian 6 Japan Fukuoka 7
Guangzhou 1 Nagoya 10
Hangzhou 1 Osaka 15
Hongkong 3 Tokyo 15
Harbin 8/Year Taiwan Taipei 7
Jinan 2/Year America Guam 1/Year


Domestic/Transit Flights

On average, over 270 flights per day are operated from and to the 13 domestic airports. There are a total of 7 carriers including budget airlines; Jeju Air, T’Way Air, Jin Air, Eastar Jet and Air Busan.

  • Incheon ⇔ Jeju: 1-2 flight/day
  • Gimpo ⇔ Jeju: 200 round trip/day
  • Inbound domestic flights to and from 13 cities:
City Flights Per Week Duration (min) City Flights Per Week Duration (min)
Incheon 14 70 Gunsan 4/Day 60
Gimpo (Seoul) 158/Day 65 Gwangju 15 50
Gimhae (Busan) 45/Day 55 Yeosu 4/Day 40
Chengju 24/Day 50 Sacheon (Jinju) 5/Day 50
Muan 2 45 Pohang 5 60
Daegu 16/Day 60 Ulsan 4 60
Wonju 2/Day 65


From Home Country to Incheon International Airport  (Seoul)
There are currently over 90 airlines providing regular flight service between Incheon International Airport and other major cities worldwide. A full list of airlines can be found here.

From Incheon International Airport to Gimpo Domestic Airport (Seoul)
*Based on US$1=KRW1,018. Exchange rate is subject to change.

Arrival at Jeju International Airport

The organising committee have arranged for an AACNS 2015 Information Desk that will be located at the Domestic and International Line Gate respectively. For any assistance, please approach the information desk.